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How to choose a coffee machine for home

For most people, morning begins with a cup of coffee - because this wonderful drink is very popular in our country. But here we cook it in different ways.

Someone is satisfied in the simplest way, using a quick-dissolving product from a jar, for some it is a whole ceremony, with indispensable attributes in the form of a coffee grinder and a Turk. Of course, in the latter case, the technique allows you to get really tasty coffee, but what about the lack of time if each of us is in a hurry to work? How to combine the speed of preparation with a high quality drink?


A good alternative is a home-made coffee machine that can prepare a delicious and aromatic drink.


Choosing the first coffee machine is not easy. What are they like?

Coffee makers today are represented by several different types, each of which has its own principle of operation:





open-horn carob;


There are two types of devices that are often confused:


Coffee maker - always with manual control. You need to do something to get a cup of your favorite drink.

Coffee machine - an automatic device in which your espresso or latte is prepared at the touch of a button. If you need to grind your own grains or use bold ones, this is definitely not a coffee machine.


How to choose a good coffee maker for yourself?


When choosing a coffee maker for your home, pay attention to the following options:


Manufacturer. So that the purchase does not upset you with a breakdown in a couple of months, choose trusted manufacturers. Do not chase a low price and do not buy a coffee maker from a company unknown to you in a hypermarket - as a rule, such devices do not last long.

What drinks can be prepared in the device:

lovers of espresso or cappuccino can be advised carob;

Americano coffee turns out more successfully in drip type devices;

if you like saturated drinks, then a geyser type device may be the most successful for you.

Power. The higher the power, the more electricity the device needs to make coffee. Choose models with a power not exceeding 2000 W;

Volume. Everything is simple here - the volume of the water tank should be about the same as the volume of coffee you’ve got used to, but not less. Consider the number of members of your family. Universal are considered carob models, capable of preparing the right amount of drink in a short time;

If you care about the lack of care for the device, choose a capsule device;

The most affordable are drip and geyser coffee makers;

The cost of the coffee maker depends on the availability of many functions. Some of them may not be useful at all, so you should not pay money for them.

Of the minuses of coffee makers are the following:


most of them are quite difficult to clean;

compared with coffee machines, the cooking process is much less automated;

a very large assortment can easily be confusing and confusing when buying.



You can choose a carob for your home if you like espresso and espresso-based drinks.


True coffee lovers are unanimous in their opinion: it is the carob devices that are the best for home use. Using this model, you can make regular coffee, as well as cappuccino, espresso, latte and other varieties of aromatic drink. When deciding which type of carob type coffee machine to choose, you need to know that such devices are divided into:


steam (pressure of about 4 bar), usually used in everyday life;

pump-action pumps (15 bar pressure), which are more often used on a professional level, although such a coffee maker will be much better for a home than a steam one.

When choosing a carob coffee maker, pay attention to the following benefits:


There are models for beginners - simple, with a special design of the horn, which at the exit forms a beautiful cream foam and improves the consistency - it is difficult to spoil the taste.

There are solutions for those who want to hone their skills, learn to professionally temper (tamp) coffee, try different settings for temperature, pressure, and experiment with grinding.

You can lay ground grains or pods.


And for the disadvantages:


Too cheap Chinese often bring a plastic smell and taste, sometimes it is washed out, but may not be lucky.


They are usually noisy. If this is critical - you need to look in a metal case, it slightly reduces the noise level.

How to choose a carob coffee maker?

The main indicator of productivity and speed is power. The higher the power, the faster you get the finished drink.

Pressure level - an indicator that demonstrates how tasty and aromatic coffee is prepared.

Reliability and durability of the design is provided by the material from which the horn is made. It is recommended to choose a coffee maker with a metal horn;

Capacity. The choice depends only on how many people will drink coffee;

A nice addition is the cappuccino machine. cheap coffee maker



Geyser coffee makers are the simplest devices for making espresso or americano without the thick. It is easy to use them, and with a maximum of the second or third attempt, you will definitely understand the whole scheme and make a drink of the desired strength, with or without bitterness.

Advantages of geyser coffee makers:

This is the most budget option for making black coffee without ground;

compact, no complicated breaking electronics;

great scope for experimentation;

simplicity of operation;

affordable cost, coupled with high quality and strength of the drink.




they do not disconnect themselves. It is necessary to ensure that all water does not boil;

It is designed for a certain amount of the finished drink;

if tightly twisted or forgotten for a long time on the stove - an explosion is possible;

the taste of coffee will depend on many parameters - coffee quality, grinding, water temperature, heating time, device volume, amount of water.

Design invented over 100 years ago. Over the years, only the design has changed and an additional function has appeared - heating the device with electricity, and not just on the stove.

The principle of the geyser coffee maker:

Water in the lower tank boils and turns into steam.

The steam presses on the water, causing it to climb the geyser.

After the geyser, water under pressure passes through the coffee filter.

The finished coffee beverage is collected in the upper tank.

Drip coffee makers

A popular, simple, functional option. These devices are capable of brewing only one type of drink - classic Americano, it is filter coffee at its best. Drip models are a combination of ease of operation, technical specifications, and practicality. The basic structure of the coffee maker is the presence of a special filter. A device for making ground coffee is used.



Affordable cost. In one price segment, you can take almost anything you like.

Reliability. 90% of these devices give the same result, which depends entirely on ground coffee.

You can control the grinding - if it is small, the drink will be more concentrated, intense, if large - lighter, slightly watery.




For inexpensive "Chinese", a compartment for ground coffee is often poorly made or a water pipe is incorrectly installed, so that the spill is uneven, the drink is frankly weak.

Often all the water from the tank is used so that its amount must be accurately measured by the number of cups.


How to choose a drip coffee maker?


The main selection criterion is power. The lower the power of the device, the longer the water heats up, the higher the probability of getting strong coffee with a lot of aromatic substances. If you want stronger coffee, buy a low-power coffee maker.

The flask for the coffee maker is made of glass or special plastic. The handle is made of a material that does not heat up.

The water level indicator in the flask shows how full the tank is with water. Thanks to this feature, you can find out how much coffee is needed.

Functionality requires a quality filter. Drip type models are equipped with nylon, gold or paper filters. Expensive coffee makers are equipped with a “golden” filter - this is a nylon product with a special coating. Its main feature is durability. Conventional nylon filters are used up to 70 times. Paper - the most hygienic, used once, after brewing they are thrown away.

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